Registration Info

How do I register?

Click on the Join Today! tab above and fill out your information. Fill out for as many team members you may have or just fill it out for yourself as an individual.

When do the leagues start?

Once enough teams have signed up (5 minimum) we will send out the information for the upcoming season. If you signed up as an individual, we will do our best to fit you onto a team.

When will the games be?

Check the Leagues page for availability.

What sports are offered?

Right now we have been shown interests in 7v7 soccer and 6v6 flag football. Contact Us and let us know if you (or your friends) are interested in playing any other sports.

These are some of the other sports we would like to offer:
7v7 coed soccer
7v7 womens soccer
7v7 mens soccer
8v8 coed soccer
8v8 womens soccer
8v8 mens soccer
6v6 coed flag football
6v6 womens flag football
6v6 mens flag football
coed kickball
womens kickball
mens kickball
coed slow pitch softball
womens slow pitch softball
mens slow pitch softball
3v3 womens basketball
3v3 mens basketball
5v5 coed basketball
5v5 womens basketball
5v5 mens basketball

How much is it to join?

  • *$600 for team of up to 13 players

When do I have to pay?

Payments are due two weeks before the first game

What do I get when I sign up for a Sunshine League?

  • > Regular season participation (6 games minimum)
  • > Team shirts
  • > Playoff berth
  • > Certified referees for every game
  • > Meet and socialize with other sport enthusiasts in a competitive environment
  • > Great way to stay fit
  • > Have fun!

Join today!